Kingsman Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

Kingsman Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

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Kingsman Casino Review – Expert Ratings And User Reviews Video

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It was a great sequel! Infinity War May 19, I finally go to see this movie life gets in the way of my Action Movie ambitions. It brought the last Thor movie to mind, Thor: Ragnarok , which I felt was just big and funny like Kong: Skull Island was big and dumb.

It was too long for sure and could have been trimmed a lot in the editing and script as well as the action.

Can't believe I'm saying that about action. The last big fight with the Venom -like 'dogs' could have been so much better with an Aliens "last stand" feel, but, the last fight was—as the movie was on the whole—a little underwhelming.

But enough about that. All the fuss beforehand regarding this movie was much ado about nothing IMO. I thought I was going to hate Star Lord after this movie, but I don't see what all the fuss was about that either, I mean he fired the gun like the uproar about Superman's moustache removal in Justice League, which I didn't even notice.

I think it could have been more clever in what Thanos did with the powers in the order that he got them, but that's easy to say from outside.

It had a lot, but, the whole was less than the sum of the parts. Bucky didn't do much, which surprised me. Cap's never looked better and that's saying a lot.

Black Panther was regal, as he should be. When this scene came up, it was worth the ticket price. Now I know why my nephew keeps yelling "Wakanda forever!

In the end, it's a long journey into a world that we longed for as kids—So many super heroes. What's not to like about that?! Oh, and Thor my comic book favorite tied with Aquaman , got to be the mega Bad Ass that he is.

The space worlds were visually stunning. Just wanted to live inside a science fiction movie after this.

It wasn't much of a cliffhanger, obviously an installment, which I expected, so even that didn't bother me. Apparently Millennium is also coming out with The Expendables 4 which is sure to include Jackie Chan.

This article makes it sound like they are back to the Mexican Drug story line. All I care about is it better have Sylvester Stallone in it.

Would be nice if he passed the torch to another bad ass in Rambo's family son, daughter. Hope they don't kill him off: At that time I wanted them to pass the torch and I mocked up a photo of Roman Reigns.

It could be a huge opportunity for some new Bad Ass! The Rock's spirit animal goes on a Rampage April 13, This movie throws a lot at you: It's a little like King Kong meets Transformers not that there's anything wrong with that.

Skull Island was "big and dumb" my 3-word review , this movie was big and fun what's not to like?! Fans of The Rock like me will love this ride.

It's very Saturday matinee in the way that 's King Kong satisfied. It reminded me the most of The Lost World: What's become clear is The Rock knows is how to share the spotlight with a strong cast of supporting characters part of why Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is so popular.

So, there's a little difference—a girl is the lead, and there are 2 guys brothers who help her out, but overall, it satisfied my Action Movie Essentials , and the action was creative.

The movie's special effects of the hurricane are realistic enough that they don't detract, but exaggerated for dramatic effect—Like the villains—For me it all worked.

The Action Elite enjoyed it as well. I paid to see it twice. And I would watch it again, just for the brothers. What I especially like was that they were a little "Bubba" without being too "good ol' boy".

Just Southern enough to give them values and for us to enjoy their camaraderie, accents, and lingo "well.

In Action Movies there are lessons to be taught, and learned and these two step up to the plate to be heroes.

There were lots of Boy Toys , vehicular manslaughter, and even vehicular vehicleslaughter Gnarly Kills , crashes and Explosions, semis, drones, a "tank" storm chaser , Chase Scenes.

I highly recommend this movie, so I don't want to spoil it by describing specific scenes, like this one:. Do you trust me? I need you to trust me.

Here comes the harsh part. Love that there's even a payoff for "the harsh part". The dialogue is good and there are surprises.

That's plenty to divvy up, so there's no shortage of villains. Disposable villains, as it turns out, and we are treated to some Gnarly Kills.

The sound effects are really awesome as well. The only thing was I wished it was a little bit longer. They made a joke at the end, but I kind of wish something had developed between Will and Casey and we could have seen them "all cleaned up" after the storm.

Bring on a sequel! You know Action Movie Freaks did not miss this movie. Bruce Willis was enough of a draw but the premise would also have been enough considering the original Charles Bronson series.

It had been a while since I watched the Death Wish series , , , , so I was spared the comparison I also didn't want to compare Willis to Charles Bronson.

They did a good job of modernizing the movie, which added to the situational comic relief. Speaking of comic relief, I could swear that is "Noel G.

I think we all wanted to see more at the end, meaning we would enjoy a sequel. I love an 'up' ending. I think Shawshank Redemption is as popular as it is because of the ending.

Nobody wants an Elysium ending. How gratifying to see Black Panther so widely well received! Stats from Forbes Magazine: It gave me tears of joy seeing this clip of the premiere in Busan, South Korea where part of the movie was filmed.

There was a lot of love from the crowd, and I felt as proud of the cast as if they were my kids. Busan is home to the center of South Korean's film industry.

How beautiful the bridge looks at night, all lit up. It's so much bigger than I thought. This action sequence was crazy exciting.

Here's YTN News with a clip of the chase and highlighting the bridge appearing. I posted thist last week but can't stop watching.

Stuntwoman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard talks about what it was like being Danai Gurira's stuntwoman and one of the fearsome Dora Milaje warriors.

He hashtagged Scott Adkins and he is listed in the cast as starring with Johnny Strong! This movie could not be ANY cooler!!

That means Johnny Strong will fight and defeat Scott Adkins who must be the bad guy. The group gathered around him, and he, sighed wistfully as we contemplated there finally being a Black Panther movie, and how perfect he was for it.

Just reflecting—not to take anything away from Chadwick Boseman who was already phenomenal in Captain America: Civil Wa r as Black Panther, and helped make us even more excited to finally see a stand-alone film, but if anyone's career had led them to that moment.

If only I could work on this website full time, instead of holding down a job—Note to self: Add Chadwick Boseman to Bad Ass list! I am on my way to see it now, and really glad the only trailer I have seen was the teaser trailer below.

Been so psyched to see this movie, it's hard to describe. Larnell Stovall posted the variety of posters when they came out. And, he posted this message back on January Went from possible Oscar consideration to being buried and forgotten about quickly.

If your one of those people that say its "just one movie", "its not that serious" you are wrong. Which means more work in areas many of us would never be given a chance to express ideas, create etc.

Yet our culture is imitated in the form of hip hop, fashion, style etc in many other countries. Black Panther surprised in two big ways: The fiercely blazing star of the movie was Danai Gurira who stole every scene she was in.

If I hadn't seen the Amazons fighting in Wonder Woman, seeing the powerful all-female Dora Milaje Wakandan special forces would have given me goosebumps.

Still, it thrilled me to no end that they were so fierce and skilled with their spears. Loved that they weren't scantily dressed!

In her IMDb profile , Danai's bio gives this personal quote:. This movie is so uplifting; a real when-they-go-low, we-go-high thing; a beautiful message, timely "now more than ever" , and much needed.

I especially liked the dig at the "monster of our own making" Donald Trump, when they said "the foolish build barriers".

In the end, it was not so much about strength, as compassion. It hit every right note. Check out this video about the stuntwork in Black Panther from Stunts Unlimited.

The Fight Coordinator was Clayton J. Movie credits are a little hard to distinguish: The action was exciting in this movie. The fight scenes were well executed and creative.

My favorite, of course, was the casino fight because it was so sudden and fast. Share the love, if you can, by supporting the BlackPantherChallenge and donate so a kid can go see the movie.

A Portrait of Courage February 10, That said, it got applause at the end. At it's core, it is a moving portrait of Courage. Just 12 men—I'd say God was watching.

Makes you appreciate your freedom. War is hell, that's obvious, but what isn't obvious is what kind of person, what kind of heart it takes to commit to something and push through fear and hardship to stand for something.

To never give up, to find a way to complete the mission no matter what. They are well trained to be sure, but what stands out is who they are and what they signed up to do.

You can't help but think that there probably would have been more attacks had they not struck back immediately as they did.

It's a movie I'd like to own and watch again. To put it in a subgenre, I'd pick Revenge. It's not about who they are as much as what they did.

There's another movie Legion of Brothers a documentary that also tells the story. The real-life soldiers quote Isaiah 6: Then said I, Here am I; send me.

The Rock Die Hard s February 9, You've got to love The Rock and his social media savvy. I particularly enjoyed this post about Skyscraper.

Raising a glass to I listened intently we had just made Central Intelligence together. Two years later we launch the world premiere trailer for that original concept idea.

Now we sit and Rawson has pitched yet another original concept idea for a movie that's again, very impressive.

Big, global, fun, sexy, cool, and thrilling. And yes, I may be on my 5th tequila, but I can still say with To get this movie made for you guys—you're gonna love it.

Another round to go please. Impossible - Fallout Two Trailer s February 4, So want to see it all on the big screen for the first time.

He wants to be in Action Movies, and I love that he brings it to the extent that he broke his ankle and kept moving! What higher praise is there?!

Impossible - Fallout announced for July 27, January 26, Tom Cruise tomcruise is now on instagram! His first two photos are promoting Mission: Impossible - Fallout for Summer 18 days until July Deadline Hollywood supplied the tagline: They didn't skimpy-up the Captain Marvel costume.

If you haven't already seen Concrete and Crashpads , it's on vimeo and on Amazon Prime. And please show them some love on Facebook.

Aw yeah, GB loves him some Action Movies! Beginning with Law Abiding Citizen in , it seems he began investing to portray the type of characters he likes.

This list see chart below leaves out only some voice work. His producing credit clicked with me on London Has Fallen , and then it really stood out to me from that point on.

So I wanted to find out why he does it suspecting that he is an Action Movie Freak and how it's working out for him box office and popularity.

So, what do ratings and box office reveal about the projects he's backed? He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.

Soon after their reunion, the always-at-odds duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure. His attempts to become an adult are met with challenges from the attractive soccer moms who pursue him at every turn.

Using his inside knowledge, Banning works with National Security to rescue the President from his kidnappers. Hunter Killer action thriller An untested American submarine captain teams with U.

Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general. I can find no trailer for this movie.

As they settle into their normal quiet routine, they stumble upon gold. Where did it come from? Who does it belong to? A boat appears in the distance that might hold the answer to these questions.

What follows is a tense battle for survival, fed by isolation, paranoia and greed, leading three honest men down a path to destruction.

His name is not pronounced like the typical jur-ard with a long "A". He prefers to be called Gerry because so many people especially Americans struggle with pronouncing "Gerard".

I left out A Family Man , which had no information on budget or box office, on the profitability data, but included it in the genres pie chart.

Here's what the data said: In Gerry money and Other money film genres Action and Drama are tied up to , but from through the movies that are yet unreleased 7 out of 11 movies are Action Movies and after Geostorm, his next 4 movies are all Action.

I would say that shows he favors Action. Rotten Tomatoes Audience and IMDb ratings are fairly similar scroll down to see data visualization , and if the average were re-done to exclude Rotten Tomatoes Critics, it would also track similarly.

Action Movies were the most profitable. And in ranking from most profitable to least, Action Movies took 5 of the 6 top spots the bottom 4 lost money and included only 1 action movie Machine Gun Preacher action biography crime.

It was half and half. Gerry makes more money financing his own Action Movies. There seems to have been a learning curve.

He must have thought he can do no wrong. Then, 4 losses in a row! On the data visualization below my first of I hope many.

Project X-traction and the Future of Action Movies. Yeah, it's an Action Movie: CL is in Mile 22! Impossible - Fallout starts tonight. Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Mile 22 brings the Action. Two Endings in One. The Rock's spirit animal goes on a Rampage. Hurricane Heist has that '80s Action Movie Feel.

Black Panther Breaking Box Office records. A Portrait of Courage. The Rock Die Hards. Impossible - Fallout Two Trailers.

Tom Cruise joins instagram for Mission: Concrete and Crashpads is now on vimeo and Amazon. Den of Thieves trailer.

Vulture crowned King of Spider-Man: Traitor of Mars trailers. RoboDoc , RoboCop Documentary announced. Support Fight of the Century Kickstarter.

Headshot by "The Mo Brothers". Wonder Woman —at last! Love the vibe of Spider-Man: The Fate of the Furious is fricking fabulous. Back from Artemiss video.

Meet the Artemis Team. Meet Their Media Partners. Full Screening Schedule announced. For The Love of Action. Just 7 Days Left to Contribute!

Logan is outRAGEously good. The Return of Xander Cage. What's it like to be a Stuntman? Meet the bad asses of New York's Concrete and Crashpads.

Sleepless starring Jamie Foxx and T. Blood Wars Directed by Anna Foerster. I'm well into my next data visualization quest: Den of Thieves Trailer looks like Heat October 28 , Proceeds from the screening will go directly to aid victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

More to come from scraigzahler. Zahler's debut western novel, A Congregation of Jackals was nominated for both the Peacemaker and the Spur awards.

His next book is the forthcoming Hug Chickenpenny: The Ass-Kicking Foreigner October 14 , While this movie has a good ending, like a typical Action Movie, it won't leave you feeling "pumped up".

Other than that, The Foreigner is an Action Movie in every way. Jackie Chan , is Jackie Chan, meaning nobody else stands a chance.

While he's an older version of a Bad Ass , he still he exacts his revenge. He doesn't try to be perfect.

He gets beat up an bit, takes a few falls and hits, and is a little worse for wear at the end, but that only adds to the realism and there's absolutely no questioning his skills.

There was only one moment I was sure there was a double and it might have been for height reasons if they really were on a roof.

Even in a knife fight, he's lightning fast. This is a complex, engaging, and compelling story. We are along for the ride in real time, and while there are not a lot of big surprises, there are enough twists to make it enjoyable.

What is most enjoyable is seeing Chan's character get the best of everyone. Pierce Brosnan is good as a flawed and pompous IRA front man cum government official.

It's hard to forget it's Brosnan, but he does a good job of 'hiding' behind his character's pile of manipulative and over-confident moves gone wrong.

It could be any typical Irish actor, and that's a compliment. In other words, what came through was the character and not Brosnan or Bond.

I highly recommend it and find it enjoyable enough to pay to see it again. In fact, I can't wait to see it again.

I've been disappointed many times of late. But Jackie Chan always delivers! Taz aka "Tazito" Garcia: In the way that Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise do most of?

I would much rather watch a stuntman try to act, than have them cast an actor who has to have someone sit in for them.

It's long overdue that the real reason we love Action Movies— the Action —gives more credit where credit is due. As a part of a new generation of Action Movie stars, Taz is committed and serious about the work.

Taz has also trained in a variety of martial arts including shotokan karate, greco wrestling, kung fu, and capoeira, and as a multilingual, he has traveled the world.

Taz can speak, read, and write English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish, and also has good command of the Cantonese dialect.

Taz has been nominated for and won awards for directing, fight choreography, acting, and has been recognized for his work in Action Movie Short Films.

Here are some of his recent wins:. Garcia has appeared in many TV and Movie projects, including countless international productions.

Taz's star is on the rise, and we hope to see more of him on the big screen. Action Movie Freak is thrilled to present an interview with Taz Garcia: What is the first Action Movie that really made an impression on you, and what stayed with you from it?

Although it is hard to pick just one favorite, who is your favorite Action Movie star? Hands down, Jackie Chan is my all-time favorite. Everyone usually says Bruce Lee.

What is it about being an Action Movie star that appeals to you? Action is our body's way of expressing 'dialogue' that transcends over any language barrier.

What Action Movie role do you think you would have been perfect for? Taz is, for sure, a team player! Do you have a favorite Action Movie subgenre?

You have successfully tried on a lot of film roles acting, directing, writing, etc. Is acting your first love, or do you see yourself more as a director, or, do you want to continue to do all of the big 3: Acting will always be my passion, but it's a gift to have a choice on either side of the camera.

As you have cross trained and are so multi-talented, if you had to pick just one skill and focus only on that, what would that be and why?

When age kicks in and limits the action scenes you can do, acting is timeless. Lastly, this website was created to promote the Action Movie genre, and to promote more Women in Action Movies as opportunities grow.

Is there an upcoming female Action Star you would like to recognize for her work in Action Movies?

That's a very tough question because I had to think about that very same question when I directed and wrote my female assassin film " Dead End ".

There's many up-and-coming young female action stars with superb talent. A big congrats to them all, and of course a BIG congrats goes out to Gal Gadot for her milestone in being the first stand-alone female Superhero in a movie.

Here's Taz talking about how he made Dead End: Judgment Day reboots in theaters in 3D August 26, Was excited for weeks since I first heard Terminator 2: Judgment Day would be back in theaters in 3D!

I didn't think seeing it in 3D could bring much to an already "10" movie, but I really noticed the 3D during the chase with the motorcycles and the rig.

It brought the 'course' to life, and made it more intense because the environment seemed more confined, the speed and obstacles more real.

That alone was worth the price of admission. The movie also brought back that terrifying concept of a post-nuclear-war earth where human survivors are being eliminated by robotic weapons.

Although I think they are unlikely to be the cold, cool, chrome look of Terminators, the things being invented and conceived of today are nonetheless terrifying.

I found this photo in a gold mine of concept robotic weapons. Before the T2 credits they set up the premise of which Terminator—the 'good one' sent to protect John Connor, or the 'bad one' sent to kill him—would reach John Connor first.

Arnold Schwarzenegger , of course, gets the only above-the-line credit. It was cool to see Jennette Goldstein.

How different she looks than as her role as "Vasquez" in Aliens. From "muscle" to Mom. That John Connor ended up in Foster Care is disheartening, but the ordinariness of his suburban life makes a great backdrop for futuristic terror.

We see it, then they explain it: Way back when, the first place to have video arcades was California. Since that was also where they made movies, by the '80s and '90s it seemed like this impossibly cool place.

So many movies from this era had scenes in malls. As Wikipedia puts it: Looking back now, Arnold seems young, but he's 43 here. You wonder, too, if the two terminators are a match for each other.

Yes, I want a front-row ticket for that! It was indescribably cool to see that liquid metal can heal itself.

Then we saw how crazy fast this new Terminator can run [ Robert Patrick trained in a rigorous running regime in order to be able to appear to run at high speeds without showing fatigue on film.

I mean, what's in a number? We were, of course, wondering how much better could the "T" Model be? Here begins one of the greatest-ever chase scenes.

Turns out to be this guy: The T and the fact that he's chasing a kid makes this first chase scene intense—his expressionless face is frightening, and then, he drives the rig off an overpass!

That relentless aspect was hitting pretty hard right about then. Arnold as the Model is following on a motorcycle but runs out of road. I found him on IMDb Trivia: He's 6' 5" Arnold is 6' 2".

He doubled Arnold in The Terminator and worked with him in a total of 14 films. The cables were later digitally erased. You can see this on the "Making of.

I remember being in the theater back in and someone yelling out in wonder: What a huge moment that was. That scene is the biggest part of the mythology of this movie.

Driving home the unkillable aspect of Terminators, we were thinking: If he survived that, it seems like there is no stopping him. One of the most fun elements of this movie was John Connor's childish delight in treating Arnold as a toy: At least Arnold doesn't have to hold back when it comes to the T When he shoots it in the head, and it splits open, that was one of the coolest effects we'd ever seen in a movie.

How much damage can it survive? What's it gonna take to bring it down? When I first saw the movie, I was so invested in Sarah Connor's being stuck in that mental institution.

We knew what she was saying was real Terminators do exist , so all the things she did that made her seem crazy, we knew was just an act.

After seeing what she'd been through in this awful place, when Arnold comes out of the elevator, her sense of terror was crushing.

Even though we knew he was good, we could imagine how she felt. We knew just how much she had dreaded the inevitable. After nobody believed her, it was kind of great that everyone takes a huge crap.

The second big chase out of the mental institution was also intense, but then we're dealing with Armageddon, so the stakes are the highest.

And how did we get to Armageddon? By putting machines in charge. In T2, "Skynet" takes control on August 4, , as human decisions are removed from our defense system.

How far away are we from that in real life? With a hotheads like Donald Trump in charge of the US, and North Korea's Kim Jong-un threatening to launch nuclear missiles almost daily, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea to remove human decisions.

However, scientists, researchers, and academics like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have warned us of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence AI in weapons.

Musk has said " I think by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it [will be] too late. A big variety of robotic weapons have already been invented, and have been in use since WWII: Northrop Grumman has also alluded to 25 and 30mm weapon systems, which likely means autocannons—this may be one of the most terrifying land robots outside of science fiction.

The one on the right is fairly small. They are all remote-controlled. Here's a compilation photo from There are also armed, remote-controlled, aquatic vehicles:.

War is big business. The group is calling for a global ban of killer robots. The idea of hiding stuff somewhere in case you ever need it is awesome, and speaking of awesome: She has a huge arsenal.

WAY too much stuff!! LOL I only wish she wore a bra, and didn't smoke. Women don't have to be braless to be tough, and smoking sucks. Really glad Hollywood seems to have moved away from taking Big Tobacco money.

Now if we could just get properly attired women. When John Connor consoles his mother, it breaks my heart.

On the one hand, she's an ultra-protective mother, on the other hand, neglect's a little like abuse. She's so focused on protecting him, she doesn't give him much love, or even attention.

Kids consoling parents is the essence of bad parenting. This Sarah Connor is so different than the way she was when we first met her. She gets her moment to complain: Men like you thought it up.

You think you're so creative—You don't know what it's like to really create something, to create a life, to feel it growing inside you. All you know how to create is death and destruction.

Is this a post-Ripley-in-Aliens- -mom aspect? How emotional she is can be explained by the danger, or by the fact she was locked up for a while, but on the heels of the bad-ass warrior version of her, I just kind of hated it I hated it in '91 too when she gets all emotional, and later freaks out more.

She tries to kill a man in front of his family! It just stood out in a bad way to me and made me lose respect for the character.

She 'lost it' for about a half an hour. Really don't like when female leads cry in Action Movies. So, they make peace with Cyberdyne's Miles Dyson and they all go off to recover the robotic arm and the CPU so the inevitable won't happen.

And they plan to blow up Cyberdyne Sysytems. Then in rides CHiPS. The T is so psycho it drives a motorcycle out of a window to grab onto a helicopter.

Then he pours himself in through the windshield. They don't show what happens to him. Seems like he's worked on every great Action Movie ever.

From Wikipedia's T2 Trivia: The camera crew refused to film the shot, because of the high risk involved. James Cameron did the filming with the help of the camera car driver.

It looks a little like Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza as Arnold reigns down hellfire on all the police cars, but killing no one.

In the ensuing chase scene, Sarah Connor's one hell of a warrior. Always ready for something, watching. Seemingly capable til you notice she closes her eyes when she shoots LOL.

Arnold slams brakes on and the helicopter crashes into the back of the van, but then Arnold loses control of the van and it flips.

Am I crazy, is there a glitch in the matrix here. I could swear they kill the same extra twice. What liquid nitrogen does to the T is so cool.

How did they film that breaking and walking thing?! Hats off to CGI. Fast firward to a Mano a mano fight at last. It was just freaky at this point.

He beats Arnold SO bad, it makes you wonder about pain for the Model , although there is this punch. Arnold 'dies' and reboots. The ending, especially the setting, reminds me of Cobra The T gets diluted to death.

You just know that the Model has to go too but it doesn't make it any easier. At first, I thought if Sarah and John cared for him, they shouldn't wouldn't be able to watch the Model die, but it's like a tribute, like they can't let go.

Like they want to see him for every moment they can. Mother figures and father figures are always powerful in movies. Shaboo, the fatherless boy gets the coolest Dad, and then has to lose him.

As he's lowered, Arnold gives a cheesy thumbs up. So we are left with this closing thought: In light of recent events, apparently not.

Undisputed sogood August 12, I've spent ten years in the hole, darker than hell, waiting. I still do not know what this life is for, or why it's been given to us.

And I know that a man that's done what I've done does not deserve to dream, but I still do. This is a great introduction, leading into a flying shot of him punching at the camera, and we get right into the fighting we Action Movie Freaks are an impatient lot.

In this first fight, get to see his signature move. As he celebrates the win, you can't help but shake your head in appreciation of Scott Adkins' physique!

And we cut to a jail. As a graphic designer, I loved everything about this movie except the titles. What I saw reminded me of a project I contributed to don't get excited, it wasn't much, I'm a 9-toer called Fight of the Century: A muzzled, growling, restrained behemoth Martyn Ford as " Koshmar " enters the ring to fight against against a much smaller opponent—a complete mismatch—whom he dispatches in record time, pulverizing the man's face.

He looks very Gears to me! Support Redcon-1 if you can. We see Boyka next going into a church, bringing a box of new bibles. Apparently, he's been using his winnings to support a church.

This movie is very 'Rambo comes full circle'. PRIEST Yuri, we are very grateful for all your donations that helped build this church, but if it's salvation you seek, violence is not the answer.

The choreography and the skill level is so good, I yelled out: When Boyka tells you stay down, stay the fuck down! You know what's coming.

Boyka ends up killing his opponent. Not on the spot, but he dies later. This sends Boyka into a crisis. He decides to go find the dead fighter's wife.

He asks his manager to get him a fake passport. The manager is reluctant, of course, and tells him. ALMA So you came all this way to save me? Boyka is so bad ass.

I don't want to give everything away, but don't mess with him. He's not to be touched. When a guy in the gym tells Boyka he can't use his punching bag, Boyka walks away.

The guy—BIG mistake—puts his hand on him as he walks away. Epic sound effect there! The movie's main fight is against a guy that they did a great job of making him seem like a prick.

You can't wait for Boyka to dispatch him. This movie delivers everything you want in a Boyka movie and I really look forward to another one please?!

As if Boyka isn't scary enough, here's Boyka with a gun. Yeah, there's a gun somewhere in that photo. Kinda hard to see anything but male cleavage though.

For an in-depth look at this movie, check out FunnyActionMovies. I've been avoiding writing about this movie like I was avoiding going to see it.

In the end, I went to see it because I wanted to find out if it was any different than the way it was portrayed in the trailer, and I wanted to give 87eleven some of my money.

The theater audience was all old men over Yeah, that's not creepy! As the only female in the audience, I wasn't looking forward to participating in their ogling Charlize and waiting for the 'girl-on-girl' action.

Let's get this out of the way right up front: I'm a radical feminist. If you think you know what that means and don't want to read any further, then "You're welcome" for me saving your time, and "Buh-bye.

If you'd like to know more, let me start by explaining what a feminist is and what a radical feminist is. A feminist is anyone who stands up for the rights of women.

In a world that enslaves, tortures, mutilates, rapes, beats, and kills females in such alarming numbers that ex-President Jimmy Carter in his book A Call To Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power called it "the Human Rights Crisis of the Century" , if you think females are safe, you are wrong.

So, get your head out of the sand. A radical feminist is someone who thinks women are people first. What does that mean? A person, just like a man.

I want to be a person, first, someone who doesn't have to accept gender roles and limitations. Wikipedia puts it this way, but the writing is slanted to be 'scary' like we want to destroy the world, so let me dissect it for you: Radical feminists seek to abolish patriarchy where 'males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and control of property' by challenging existing social norms and institutions, rather than through a purely political process.

This includes challenging the notion of traditional gender roles, opposing the sexual objectification of women, and raising public awareness about such issues as rape and violence against women.

We're not trying to "eliminate male supremacy" in that males can't have anything, which is the way it sounds. A better way to say this is that Radical Feminism believes women should hold equal social and economic presence and power in society.

If giving us equality means males are no longer dominant, then yes, we want to eliminate male superiority but, really, we're willing to share, we just want to make sure we get 'ours'.

I don't believe males should be at the top socially and economically just because they are male. If we earn our money and our social position through our careers, we should reign as 'supreme' as any male.

Or, you could say we believe money and power should not be just for males. Women just got the vote in !

Give us some time to accomplish this LOL. Given the current political state of white maleness in the U. And as for control of property.

Yes, we want to abolish the idea that power is male-only, leadership is male-only, that males have the final say in morality, that males, only, retain the upper layer of social privilege, and that males, only, have the power to control [our] property.

LOL It sounds like we have to challenge things via politics, like that's the only way, the 'right' way. There's no set way to challenge social norms and institutions.

It's as varied as individuals. Maybe you want to wear pants in a society that looks down on that. Maybe you want a career that isn't currently open to women.

Challenge whatever you want to, and you should be free to do so, and do it in whatever way you feel is right. We're not looking to necessarily re-write all laws via politics.

This is a much too absolute way to say something simple: Radical feminists seek to challenge social norms and institutions that restrict women.

I just stumbled on an article that said that all the Native American Indian societies had names for 5 genders. In this current backpedaling atmosphere of intolerance and hatred in American history, if you are uncomfortable with anyone who is not able to be labeled "male" or "female", you should consider opening your heart and eyes to the fact that gay people, and lots of others, including radical feminists are not going away.

Radical Feminists are challenging 'the notion' makes it sound so minimal! The Global Slavery Index or a host of other sites. Skipping over [b] to [c] " raising public awareness about issues like rape and violence against women", there's nothing wrong with that!

Which brings us back to [b] "opposing the sexual objectification of women" which gets to the heart of this movie, and in my opinion is the heart of all women's troubles!

So why does a radical feminist hate this movie? The answer is part and parcel of the reaction of a male friend when I said I hated it. He praised her "femininity".

This is strictly a man's view:. Finally a character with great femininity, intelligence, and brawn [sic] that is actually believable. What is not to love about this film?

So, today, on Charlize Theron's 42nd birthday , let me say in her defense, she really gave the action her all—much more than I even hoped for well, it is 87eleven —as good as it gets , but that having someone like her just sets the wrong tone.

What does Charlize have to say? I found this some time ago and put it in the long-overdue next 4th issue of Payback: Add your rating See all 12 parent reviews.

Add your rating See all 39 kid reviews. Impossible -- Rogue Nation. The villain from that movie, Solomon Lane Sean Harris , looms large over this one as superspy Ethan Hunt Tom Cruise races against the clock to stop Lane's followers from acquiring and detonating nuclear weapons.

This may well be the best Mission: Impossible -- Fallout steps up the action -- as impossible a mission as that might sound -- and the stakes, with the personal screws tightened on Hunt and horrible consequences for failure.

Fallout delivers the death-defying stunts the series demands. Fallout also has the best fight of the series thus far hint: It's exciting and visceral, with real emotional impact.

Cruise's performance is lean and focused, and hopefully Ferguson is now a fixture in the series; she can act and fight.

It's also fun to see Superman Cavill brawling like an utter brute. Rob Hardy's Ex Machina cinematography captures everything we need to track the action while also conveying different atmospheres, moods, and textures.

Each of the film's locations -- exotic, dingy, or otherwise -- is well-served. Eddie Hamilton's editing is superb; he's amassing a spectacular resume X-Men: First Class , Kingsman: Fight coordinator Wolfgang Stegemann and stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood pull rabbits out of their hats.

So does featured fight performer Liang Yang; let's see more of that guy! Given the deeply ingrained habits of this genre, it's hard to surprise veteran fans.

Families can talk about the violence in Mission: Does it seem more intense than in previous M: Was there any difference in its emotional impact as a result?

Is it what you expect from this type of movie? Were you surprised by any of the movie's twists and betrayals, or have you come to expect them after seeing other spy movies?

Did the stakes seem different to you here than in other M: Did the way the filmmakers treat Ethan's personal relationships have an effect on the stakes?

Ethan and his team are technically operating outside of the law. Are they still "good guys"? Where are the lines that separate them from their enemies?

Do you consider Ethan a role model? How often is a woman shown holding her own against a formidable male lead in an action film?

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